How about a Windbreaker?

A few of my obsessions…

I have a few new obsessions this season – in the men’s category one obsession is windbreakers from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Windbreakers have had run the gambit on the cool factor. They first showed up in the 1940‘s in blends and gaberdine fabrics. In the 1950’s and 1960’s they were worn by guys who liked to go fast! Fast cars – boats – motorcycles… they were coolsville.

?Windbreakers are made from light weight material – originally in cotton and canvas – it evolved as we developed new fabrics made of synthetic materials trimed in racing stripes. Water resistant and light weight – outdoor wear.

Car companies -tire companies – oil, brakes, motorcycle – you name it soon added their logo. In the 1970‘s bicycles components and athletic companies joined in.

For a while in the 70’s & 80’s outside of runner’s and motorheads – the windbreakers found a home with men and women in the mid to late 50’s who were traveling the country by RV – they lost their hip esthetic and were relegated to the farming industry – plumbers – fishermen – and the bowling teams… Disco killed the windbreaker, well not really it just changed it to a track suit…

I love finding these old jackets – it tells the story of who we were in America – what we bought into and how we ended up where we are. One of my favorites is worn by Joel Bobbet in the photo by Michael Winters – It is covered in patches – obviously worn by a someone who traveled around collecting patches from all over the US. It shows us what the owner was into – I just love it!

Windbreakers are light weight nylon fabric with a very tight weave to create a barrier from the wind and resistance to the rain. I bet you can find one of these in your dad’s closet if you look deep enough! If not, come by Re-Enhabit I have found a bunch!

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